Deadly Deception builds upon a soccer tragedy that occurred years ago in Lima, Peru.  Susan Polonus Mucha constructs a suspenseful mystery that transports readers to the exotic Peruvian environment with its cultural heritage, current affairs, and developing-country troubles.
-- Javier Illescas, international trade negotiator and economist for the Peruvian government.

Susan Polonus Mucha skillfully peels back the deep layers of deception, and she's flat out wonderful on the setting, painting Peru with an undeniable authenticity. You couldn't ask for a better guide through the streets of Lima …
-- Ed Dee, author of The Con Man's Daughter

Deadly Deception is a book of graceful prose and inventive architecture that rebuilds the harrowing event of a national tragedy – a tragedy that affords an opportunity to conceal violence used to protect greed.
Edmundo Morales, author of Cocaine: White Gold Rush in Peru

A murder at the Masters and a soccer stampede in Peru set the stage for Susan Polonus Mucha's thriller, Deadly Deception . Prepare to spend the night reading; you won't put it down until the last page.
-- Mayor Bob Young, Augusta , GA



Dear Susan

We met in April in Atlanta at your book promotional and signing at Cumberland Mall. You
grabbed my husband and me as we walked by and said,
"Do you like murder mysteries?" (LOL)

My husband kept walking as we both acknowledged that I do, and I stopped and chatted
a bit with you and bought your book.

No admissions as to why it took me so long to finish it >wink<, but I have just now
(literally) read the last page. I wanted to let you know that I loved the book, and you are
now in a small number of female mystery writers whose books I will continue to look for
and buy. That puts you in very good company -- trust me.

I had planned to mention a couple of your metaphors what really tickled me with their
creativity, but over time I lost my markings in the book, so I can't comment on them, but I
look forward with great anticipation to your next book. Please let me know when it's out.

The book was a delightful combination of romance, suspense, history, geography, and
GEORGIA (my home state). I loved every minute I spent with that book. Thank you for
the pleasure you brought me.
A. Renee L.

I'm an avid mystery reader and just loved your book!!!!!  It was fast moving and really kept
my interest. I particularly liked the way you wove the Peruvian history, culture and
countryside into the book .  I felt like I was really there.  I'm partial to books that do
this, and I thought you were great at it. I think you've hit a home run with your first novel. 
Many congratulations.  It was as good and as professional as any of the books I've read
by established authors (and better than some!).  I'm looking forward to your next novel. 
Pat G. 

Not only has your book arrived, but it has been read twice by this bookseller, and I may
have to read it again.
Truthfully, it is one of the most exciting books I have ever read.    Thank you.
Go, Girl, Go !!!
Virginia H. 

Susan, I just completed reading DD.  It was wonderful!! 
Your character development was so vivid that I really "saw" the characters and I
empathized with some of them. Also I loved your descriptions, as they brought Peru and
Augusta alive for me.  I particularly connected to your references to Pgh, the Steelers
sweatshirt and Mt. Washington.  All in  all it is a wonderful book and shows all of the effort
you put in to it!!  I wish you much success!!!   
Carolyn S. 

Susan... Great book!  You should be very proud... very well written and developed... and a
fun read... Sheriff Strong?... what a hoot! 
Stan B. 

You have moved ahead of Harlan Coben as my favorite author. I loved Deadly Deception
and look forward to your next book. I played golf at Cassique and bought it there. From
Cassique I went to Augusta and played the National on April 21. I birdied 4 and 6 and
pared 12 and 16. Quite a thrill. Guess what? I looked in the bushes after I walked off of 13
and the body was gone. There wasn't even any yellow tape.
I sent your book to my host at Augusta who lives there and I am going to give your book to
all of my golfing buddies for the holidays.
Marty M. 

I finished the book and I loved it. I read it in less than 2 days while I was in Virgin Gorda.  
I especially loved that there was a lot of dialogue between the characters.  I'm ready for the
sequel.  Is it finished??? 
Holly S. 

My granddaughter Stephanie and I met you at Walden books at Charleston Place on either
June 30 or July 1. You were signing books.  You talked to Stephanie about the importance
of reading. She decided we should buy your book so, of course, we did.

After being prodded to finish her school's summer reading assignment of Roll of Thunder,
Hear My Cry, she asked for Deadly Deception.  She finished it in two days, brought it to my
house, and said,"You will never guess who did it."  Then she asked if you had written
another book.  Success!  Thank you for making such an impression in person and on
paper.  Maybe this will be a start of a reader.   Since then, I too have read the book and
enjoyed it immensely.  I liked your weaving in of the history and culture of Peru.  All I knew
before were llamas, the Andes, the Incas, and Alive! 
God bless you!
Chic C.

My husband and I met you at the book store at Charleston Place last Friday, December 15
and I bought your book. I started reading your book in Alexandria, Virginia and I couldn't
wait to get home to finish it! I finished it last night. I thought it was great! I loved the
occasional use of Spanish because I am presently studying Spanish with a wonderful  
woman from Colombia. I found your description of Peru and the drug trafficking to be
fascinating. I know my Spanish teacher tells me it is a big problem in Colombia as well. 
So in addition to being entertained I was educated! I could not put the book down. I stayed
up until 2:00am this morning to finish it! I want to order another book for my sister. I know
she will love it.  
It was such a pleasure to meet you.  It is a nice memory to have of Charleston! 

Paula S. 

I loved this book! Cant wait to read the next one!
Indee F.

I met you and bought your book at B&N in Charleston. I enjoyed reading it very much. You
kept my interest throughout. Your descriptions of the places in Augusta and especially
Peru were vivid. I have no idea if there really is a church with catacombs and ancient
hidden passages in Peru but you made me see them so they are there. 

I found your dialogue of special interest to me; I have trouble writing dialogue that doesn't
sound contrived, could be one of the reasons I like writing poetry. You write your dialogue
so fluently and naturally. Do you ever teach classes in the Charleston area? I would be
interested. I will certainly want to read your next book. Let me know when it's published. 
Joem P. 

I read your book over the weekend, and thought I’d write and let you know that I really
enjoyed it. You did a great job!  It was a very quick read for me, as the story and my interest
in the characters pulled me along. I also enjoyed the vicarious trip to Peru!  I’m looking
forward to the sequel.
Melody N.

Just finished "Deadly Deception" wonderful.....It brought back so many memories of Lima.
We stayed with friends in Miraflores and drank pisco sours. I especially remember the
traffic and the total ignoring of red lights.
I have told everybody about your book and now I am anxiously awaiting the sequel.
One thing I really liked, how you intertwined, gently , Faith. Seton did leave a lasting
impression on all of us.
Kathy M.

I bought your book several weeks ago in Barnes and Noble and am beginning the 26th
Chapter. And, I am so enjoying it! Having traveled to several cities in Colombia, and
one in Brazil ,and being married to a physician, I am reading about events and
situations of which I am familiar.
Your writing has kept me interested the entire time.
I am looking forward to your next book.
Good luck with your future writing-will suggest your book to my friends.

Susan C.

Ms. Mucha:
I just finished the novel and I could not put it down the entire time. I read a novel
almost every day and my hat is off to you on this one.  When can we expect more?

David DeV.


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