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Susan Polonus Mucha's thriller Deadly Deception is a fast-paced, riveting intrigue that gets you into Augusta National without the coveted badge and into Peru without the compulsory passport!
-- Gary Player,
three-time Masters champion
and Grand Slam winner

I found the book a page turner urging me to move onto the next chapter. The descriptions truly took me to Augusta and Peru .
-- Susan Still Kilrain,

Augusta Native & U.S. Astronaut

Combine a dose of foreign intrigue with a baffling stateside murder and you've got Susan Polonus Mucha's debut mystery, Deadly Deception . Keep an eye on this writer, she's a winner.
-- Patrick W. Picciarelli,
author of Mala Femina: A Woman's life as the Daughter of a Don

A murder of mistaken identity at the Augusta National Golf Club during the Masters sets the pace for this fast-moving thriller. With a plot that involves the international drug trade and archaeological looting, Deadly Deception deceives, excites and intrigues, but above all, entertains.

A murder at the Augusta National Golf Club during the Masters casts a pall over the prestigious tournament. The victim is mistakenly identified from the number on his Masters badge as LUIS ECHEVARRIA, a Peruvian doctor now working in Augusta .

A note is found with the body that alludes to a soccer tragedy in Lima in which 300 people suffocated. The note baffles police, but not the very much alive Luis Echevarria and magazine writer and Peruvian American ELIA CHRISTIE.

Elia is riding with an investigator while writing a story on violent crime police officers in Augusta and is present when the body is found. Luis and Elia fly to Lima to explore the connection between the Augusta murder and the soccer tragedy before the killer can try again to kill Luis. But it's Elia who faces death in historic Lima .

Deadly Deception points out the importance of the cocaine trade to the impoverished Peruvian Indians, wakes up the reader to world-wide lucrative archaeological looting, and demonstrates how to use the lifesaving pacemaker to snuff out a life. The majority of the action in this thriller takes place in Perú, and the culture, history and politics of the area are woven throughout the story.

Deadly Deception deceives, excites and intrigues, but above all, entertains.

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