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Die Before Your Time
Another Elia Christie/Luis Echevarria medical thriller

Elia Christie and Luis Echevarria are again caught up in intrigue in Die Before Your Time.
Their wedding on the picturesque island of Bermuda turns deadly when a wedding guest,
Dr. Vicente Pereda, is murdered. They, too, are targeted for murder when they learn why
their friend was killed.

Pereda had noticed dangerous side effects of a prescribed drug to treat spasticity that was
being given to soldiers with neurological impairments returning home from Iraq and
Afghanistan. The soldiers being treated with this drug developed a life-threatening liver
disease. At the time of his death, Pereda was lobbying to have the drug removed from the

Elia and Luis chase leads while investigating the pharmaceutical company’s production of
the drug and they, in turn, find themselves in danger. But what is so important about this
drug staying on the market that their friend is murdered—and that they might be next?

Luis’s research shows that the same drug had been on the market during the Vietnam War, and the same problems had surfaced. Is this a conspiracy against American soldiers? Or sloppy production methods? Or lazy executives?

Elia and Luis spend their honeymoon looking over their shoulders, but readers get to travel with them and visit Charleston and Kiawah Island, South Carolina; Greenwich, Connecticut; Cape Cod; New York City; and Lima, Perú.

Elia’s brother, Father Rafael Christie, arrives to help his sister and Luis finish the detective business so they all can get on with their lives.